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Baptism Team

Dream Teams

The Baptism Team hosts water baptism services, ensuring the experience is excellent and meaningful for those making a public declaration of their faith in Jesus.


Setup and Supplies

  • Have a working knowledge of how to set up the baptism tank and how to properly heat the baptistry.
  • Stock baptism supplies in restrooms before each baptism service, ensuring each guest has access to the items they need. 
  • Take inventory of baptism supplies, including clothes, towels, and toiletries. 


  • Make sure each baptism participant completes a baptism card. 
  • Coordinate with the baptism photographer to ensure each participant has a quality photo taken. 


  • Engage with baptism participants as they gather to be baptized. 
  • Share in their excitement and offer encouragement as they make their public declaration of faith. 



  1. Pray First / Ask God to open your eyes to the needs of others and to use you as you serve. 
  2. Worship One, Serve One / We always want to stay connected to God first and foremost. This is why we attend a service as well as serve a service. 
  3. Visit Dream Team Central / This is where you can check in, get your name badge, and have a drink or snack when you are scheduled to serve. 
  4. Arrive on Time and Check In / Checking in at Dream Team Central gives you access to your name badge, which helps guests and other Dream Team members know you’re on the team. Pre-service meetings (huddles) are held before each service to prepare your team to serve. 

SERVE Day Highlight Reel

Serve Day is an amazing opportunity to bless others and be blessed. As an entire church, we will go out into our communities and show the love of Christ in real and tangible ways. Turning Point’s Small Groups will choose a serve project of their own that everyone can do together as a group on Serve Day, so there will be many ways to get involved.

SERVE Opportunities

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