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Discover Ministry School

Discover Ministry School is a ministry of Pacific Open Bible which exists to equip passionate followers of Christ in God's Word and create a pathway for missional leadership and lifelong learning. 

Two Tiers; Four Quarters

Tier 1 is set up to lay foundational truths and practices down for any believer and teaches how we can live as "one sent" where ever you go. Tier 2 continues to teach practical steps to becoming a more effective leader while diving deeper into spiritual formations. Each is split into four  quarters roughly following the school year. Contact Pastor Timothy if you have any questions.

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Taught by Pastors

Discover Ministry School is taught by those in ministry. Pastors join in from a live campus, which is then live streamed to our satellite campuses all along the west coast. Whether our campus is the live campus or a satellite for the quarter, each week you will receive unique teachings from the experience of someone who is actively serving the kingdom.

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Accessible and Affordable

Our team of leaders want to do what we can to ensure Discover is accessible and affordable to as many students as possible. Classes add no more than eight hours of work to your week, one of which is in service to your local church. Campus directors serve not only as accountability, but will provide personalized support through the year. You can contact your campus director for more information on available options.

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