Wondering About God…

If you want to know the truth about God —really know the truth —you are a “seeker.” That’s a great thing to be, because according to Jesus, seekers find what they’re looking for.

Seekers come in all shapes and sizes. They have a variety of backgrounds. Some don’t believe in God; others do believe in God, but aren’t sure how to connect with Him. What all seekers have in common is the fact that they’ve stopped pretending they have it all together. They’re open to the possibility God may exist, and more importantly, that He may want a place in their lives. They know they don’t know —but they want to know.

If you’re a seeker, how do you go about this all-important task of pursuing God and His truth? Well, the following outline doesn’t claim to be the final and authoritative word on the subject. But —with a humble recognition that the stakes are sky-high and believing you are very precious to God — here are four questions to help you in your search.